SIKHLIFE: Confessions Of A Dead Man


Thursday, November 10, 2005

Confessions Of A Dead Man

Yes Oh Yes!Its not a joke in front of you,
for sometime back I was a mortal,just like you.
Yes O Yes!I know you can't believe me still,
I have gone through the same disbelief-
but would like to convince you still.
What I state now is not a philosophical thought nor abstract verse,
to end it all I would like to beg for belief before I converse.
Just for a few seconds be in resonance with me,
Now I shall again beg to merge 'you' with 'me'.
For I shall give you a rare glimpse in the world beyond and between,
I have drowned of disbelief and Oh my brother please BELIEVE!

(One of the earliest poems i wrote in my teens)


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