Monday, November 28, 2005

Karam,Hukam,Gurprasad - bound,free,blessed

What are they,how coexist,how exert - unfathomed,omnipresent,effortless

Director,actor nay audience - the musician,the flute,or the music.

Karam comes first,ego,commandingly demands - conditioned,me,brute

Action roots,a character shoots,the seed fruits - cause,effect,cause anew

Primal cause's what?Ultimate effect we search?Achieve it how we must - saibhang,embrace,a'karam.

Hukam rules prime,encompassing space'n'time,palm'less lines- omnipotent,inside the outside,rules

Fateless choice,or choiceless fate,blind faith - king,slave,devotee

Demystifying Hukam,Hukmi shows,divinely enlightened in hukam flows - gian,darshan,sahej.

Gurprasad's what not,karam dharam sharam,light darkness void - sabh gobind,bhiksha,bhalee kaar

Pritam humbly provides,grandly-eternally,beggers still shamelessly complain'n'cry - invisible,sacha shaah,me

Meeting Satgur rain drowns,effortlessly love sprouts,light light's all around - tera,tera,tera.


Anonymous Raja said...

wow amazing ..Keep up the sprit, we need youth like you to take Sikhi to the next level, the level that has been forgotten by some and ignored by some.

Thursday, December 15, 2005 11:12:00 PM  

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