Tuesday, December 13, 2005


(Thoughts futile,attempts to picture divine,
hopeless works,through which my ineptitude shines.)

In lightful night darknness had man plundered
drenched in maya was soul torn asunder,

Satan ruled,dharma muled
breaths fired,blood oozed.

Superstition reigned,religion feigned
melanchony played,righteousness flayed.

Na-anak,not amany but one
heavens high a voice sweet thundered,
Patshaah has come,sun dimmed,a sight all hungered.

Formless took form,
Nirgun clothed in sargun dawned
"My pritam!my Thakur!" - worms cried'n'called.

Nanak Nanak Nanak
Humble my Pritam,picked the stumbled
Caressed the weak,powered the crumbled
docter'd pain'n'passion,saving the blundered
Wonder of wonders,Master at sewaks splendour.

Nanak Nanak Nanak
Honeyed tongue yours,love only sowed
With song and life,of all good man had disowned
Message of equality and freedom was unfold
Humbleness such - that creator the creation ploughed.

Nanak Nanak Nanak
wrapped in simplicity epochs of thoughts seized
Epitome of wisdom out of daya came to 'we'
Armed with sewa and simran mighty five did defeat
Gave Naam gem to lowly 'keet',panacea for dreadful disease.

Nanak Nanak Nanak
How can i praise you,me dirty mayadhari neech
Please forgive,thou know my weakness each
How can a blind see,how can finite infinite reach
I am stupid mindless,you my wonderful Guru picked the meek.

You are beyond thought,how can a pen peek
I fall at step every,but still does my Guru teach
Satgur you are my only hope,for my chances bleak
In turbulent oceans,my slippery hand seeking to seize.

Nanak Nanak Nanak
Murat of Sat,Santokh,Vichaar
Feeding on only naam aahaar
Suhaagan in embrace of pritam apaar
Steeped in praises of Satgur dataar.


Blogger suru said...

hey samar never knew ur hidden talent yar.. its really nice .. keep it up...

Monday, February 20, 2006 3:28:00 AM  

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