SIKHLIFE: Epiphany


Sunday, April 02, 2006


Epiphanic frames frozen on memory walls,
an attempt to mint them - in emotions warmth.

Rushy-gushy roads,middle of bazaar
burning bodies honking the horn
clamorous noises emphasizing their existance with aplomb
wrinkles curled,make-up smudged - an alluring neighbour worn,forlorned
bellicose freaks,worthless meeks,fate's helpless pawns - road adorns
a musicless li'e with characters 'fused,belying the innate song.

Amongst jammed traffic,i see a cycle coming free
peddling gracefully in kurta white'n'dastaar,a flowing beard whispering symphony
stealing sun's dayful shine - his grandson sitting on rod,glowing merrily
jocundly chatting,their laughter sings fillingly,glimpses i steal from sunken melancholy
unaware of heats reign,'shahzada' clasping grandy's wrinkled face - time brunted,still retaining the faith lily
Shibboleth of simple Love - wantless,reasonless,contented in just being - living w'holy.


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