SIKHLIFE: May 2006


Thursday, May 11, 2006

As i roll on the bed aimlessly to sleep after prayer,
a voice 'voiceless' suprises me - when declares
burn shall flesh and bones bare
in wonder at my limbs do i stare.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Oh Sister!I have sinned beyond i remember,
have lied uselessly for vaining glory - a hedonistic pretender,
in veil of goodness,have stabbed'n'plundered,

Much i babble,didact what i dont live under,
embers burn deep,feigning smile i extract from philosophical wonder,
days'n'nights,winters'n'summers i fumble - prayers mumble still sinnfully stumble.

(shamelessly follow fleeting opinions,conveniently forsaking hukam to numbers)

Moon in night,her eyes alight,
spoke wordlesslessly,of pains she hide,
like dams of might,holding on tight.

Merciless 'dukh',rained all night,
pond splashed'n'overflowed at times,she hid behind a forced smile,
quivering a whispering prayer,baring soul naked blind.

Mentally tormented,physically drained,helplessly at Waheguru stared
unanswered but prayed,hoping she's not alone in despair.
(Waheguru Sang Sang)

Monday, May 01, 2006

Pleasures of flesh,I seek to understand
forbidden to a believer,redeemer to hedonist
shadows seamless,cast in lightlessness of mind
satans currency,eternal curse,a drop in sand.

Featherless's cry to fly,raison d'etre,delusion to forget the why's
pill for depression,fear repression,bodyless moments,mind lies.