SIKHLIFE: November 2004


Monday, November 29, 2004


I bow unto you-the one with the strength,
to face current of life with choice.

Amany confused with infused conception,
who choose the way after facing elsewhere rejection.

You the chosen one,who chooses-
to wear the garment of humility with pride and knowledge,
Me with ego inferno inside claim humility to be foliage.

The victorious warrior in midst of crawling worms,
glows with a charm,rarely found on faces around,
who beats passion,enslaves it - divinity he found.

The glorious one who glorifies Lord,
who's won over desires - the real test,
not like me who when bored - believes to be desireless.

I wish thou meet me while i exist,
i cry,i beg,before i sigh last and perish,
My belief dwindles,my target trembles
You have to come.
for in midst of this mist i see no one,
before i drown too please come.

Friday, November 26, 2004

Words(to my sister)

Sister mine,what can i tell thine
writing from my happy confines,
Pain yours understand cant i, nor comprehend
but would still hand my-extend.

Tell me thy who's happy true
and i will show you their satguru
else just mask they wear(to save their egos from tear)
they pretend and decieve themselves with cheer
truely happy one is much too rare.

Dukh is perrenial-sayth the doctrine
dukh is fine-teases the affluent with a smirky smile
but the pain is mine,no one notices my tear shine
it pains,It Pains... . . no one cares-and they sayth its fine.

Why me!does the eternal question ring
all around laughter upbrim and couples sing
then why me,subject to all chagrin
Waheguru are you there still!

Dukh-sukh is a state of mind
its a relative term-it erupts when you compare thine with Mine.

Dukh pains,but not in vain
for when the net total you do-you gain.

Dukh's the impulse which makes us question life
to not to take for granted this sojourn in time
dukh's the blessed remedy for it opens eyes
to see a fossilized diseased sea-cracks the veneer fine
a search begins.. . . (for eternal happiness)

Impulse of dukh makes you believe Satgur patshaah
Belief-which gyanis and dhyanis search digging in shashtras.

Explore gurbani to extract elixir of life
search for the meaning in those words divine
for bani of my gur is that intoxicating wine
which doesnt make pain more tolerable nor lessen plight
but extinguishes pain,and you e'merge in light.

Ardaas-thats what a daas should do
when nothing works,heart sinks,mind rues
a beseeching cry from so deep down the heart,upward moves
a moment in which mun-buddhi fuse.

It seems easy to say,but-worry not
be convinced in goodness of Hukam of dukhbhanjan kripaal
with this positive belief face the wall
Start,and you will realise-this dukh is to you,Guru's call.