SIKHLIFE: September 2010


Sunday, September 26, 2010

(Another) Desire

Desire desire, thou 'where
In eyes flickering, charcoal stare
In gestures, a portrait in layers
Permeating words, charging the airs.

Desire, are thou the current of life?
the relentless strife - causeless, imposed, acquired drive
a means to another bend - passtime, distraction, mirage stuffing the void
a hood, a mask, a veil - ignoring, the meaninglessness of life.

.... .

Desire ,beyond ye what exists?
an ennui, a blank, a void - death?

You define me, you color me,
What's 'my' color, without ye?

When movement of thought ceases,
What survives, listless coma or bliss?

Is Mukti a myth?
a fable, balm for inflictions of the mind?

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