SIKHLIFE: November 2005


Monday, November 28, 2005

Karam,Hukam,Gurprasad - bound,free,blessed

What are they,how coexist,how exert - unfathomed,omnipresent,effortless

Director,actor nay audience - the musician,the flute,or the music.

Karam comes first,ego,commandingly demands - conditioned,me,brute

Action roots,a character shoots,the seed fruits - cause,effect,cause anew

Primal cause's what?Ultimate effect we search?Achieve it how we must - saibhang,embrace,a'karam.

Hukam rules prime,encompassing space'n'time,palm'less lines- omnipotent,inside the outside,rules

Fateless choice,or choiceless fate,blind faith - king,slave,devotee

Demystifying Hukam,Hukmi shows,divinely enlightened in hukam flows - gian,darshan,sahej.

Gurprasad's what not,karam dharam sharam,light darkness void - sabh gobind,bhiksha,bhalee kaar

Pritam humbly provides,grandly-eternally,beggers still shamelessly complain'n'cry - invisible,sacha shaah,me

Meeting Satgur rain drowns,effortlessly love sprouts,light light's all around - tera,tera,tera.

Saturday, November 19, 2005


Me - conditioned - Unme,
striving to fit-in,in the required demands pre,
water in colored glass concealed,
faking smiles like'n'actress freeze.

Ostentious shows,soul'ess cheeks glow,
bearing burden,faking labels on ourselves we bestow,
lost in colors,fearing chameleon striving to be unknown,
Women in lazy,dim-lighted,curly streets - (un)dressing to customers tone.
(continued...... . . .)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

W'ndering Scribblings

Every time fear intrudes mind,
I just tell it - my lords's divine,
Still I tremble with madness blind.

Mine is a case hopeless,no remedy remains,
Still he sustains,
Alls Thy mercy,I maintain.

Oh my Lord Divine,how could you ever be defined,
for your very definition is - you are beyond the mind.

Confessions Of A Dead Man

Yes Oh Yes!Its not a joke in front of you,
for sometime back I was a mortal,just like you.
Yes O Yes!I know you can't believe me still,
I have gone through the same disbelief-
but would like to convince you still.
What I state now is not a philosophical thought nor abstract verse,
to end it all I would like to beg for belief before I converse.
Just for a few seconds be in resonance with me,
Now I shall again beg to merge 'you' with 'me'.
For I shall give you a rare glimpse in the world beyond and between,
I have drowned of disbelief and Oh my brother please BELIEVE!

(One of the earliest poems i wrote in my teens)

Friday, November 04, 2005


Invisible truth roots
Silently in bliss contentment shoots
Now wisdom fruits.

Trying falling calling
Hopefully hopeless,effortlessly foolish,shamelessly crawling,
Eyes closed crying.