SIKHLIFE: April 2006


Friday, April 28, 2006

Couple of Couplets

Embrace shall not break,lost in mundane staid,
Cheeks shall glisten forever,dyed suhagan's braid.

Grappling I fall stark,dog incessantly in me barks,
lost and crying in dark,holding onto Charankamal Prakaash.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


thank you o' desire
these are verily thine gifts

Temptation seduced to desire
desire gave birth to 'me'
clinging to 'me' I hang in pain
relishing what is not there
broke the dream,peace was here
slave was gone,master everywhere.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Confused(Consumed) with ME

(An absurd'n'complex enough poem with a lot of ME's and THEE's,scribbled when i was 17 and confused)

God maketh me,He only knowest why?
For i don't have a clue for who am i,
i cry hard with the plea,for i believe He's there for me.

i am sitting in silence without a thought,
Searching for an answer ever sought,
The only thought that comest to me
Is of lust very tempting to me,
Judgement is for me to make,
To drown in the world lust just for my sake.
[Again i reconsider as to why i think lust to be a sea full of fire,
May be i have seen many consumed in the satanic sea,
Or due to infused conceptions of a mystic bee.]

Life is a one time chance (is what said many a priests),
Still i don't know what it's meant to be,
What is there on earth that saith to me,
That it deserves what i have in me,
Tell me lord if such one exists,
For i don't want to begin the journey without knowing
As to where it ends.

Just when i was searching for an answer from He,
A monk approached,pretending to understand what i had in me,
He said a lot,time freezed is what 'now' seemed to me,
His advise was simple - it was to surrender to Thee.

His memory still rings in my mind
And refuses to fade away like dusk sunshine,
Those soothing words seem very fine,
i try to understand them
But doubt persistingly outshines.

What'st the Lord to me,is the conscience repeating in me,
i can't look at He, still the ascetic says He's always with me,
Maybe my sight's becomest weak or He's hiding from me,
(probability exists moreso that i am hiding from He)
Nor do i listen to his voice,nor can i touch He,
But amazingly out of know-where?i feel He with me,
I am inclined to say this when
I glance down history of me,
Or due to the just awakened sixth sense in me.

i am still searching for an answer
As to what'st He to me,
No answer has resisted in flames of logic and rationalism
As i have seen,
But the question uncontrollably is ejaculated
And it pains me,
May be i will stick to the sermon of the monk that spelbound me--
He said "Reason for me to be is He".

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Not always has it come,
feeling for ambition,
the spark for worldly passion,
to take up the latest fashion,
to bathe in war for ration,
the cry for pleasure mansion,

Dont know!corrects what?
to jump and grope for 'it',
in that wild animal fit,
the 'it' which Guru clearly forbids.

Subtle boundaries do you really exist,
between heaven & hell,day & night,man & woman,
Whats right?what not!my urge gone wry.

Who's mine?as I grow,i know 'No'
still expecting for someone,for me to row
pleasure candy steeped in brandy,everywhere flows
sick me,searching the 'One' with a true glow.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Memoirs Of Heaven

Ha!Ha !Ha!
A Child I saw,
not in the bed,nor in mothers lap still,
Can you believe!in the fridge chill.

He crawled skillfully with those tiny feet,
I dont know yet,in fridge who he has to meet,
Is it some tasteful meat sweet,
or he searcheth for a Pepsi treat,
or maybe there's friendly mouse he's to meet,
but say unto you,reason's none of these.

When alt'ego of God came from heaven's land,
A current of flammable deadly passions - through his body ran,
to preserve & protect that joyful innocence of man,

He ran!he Ran!
far from the world
From bedroom he bridged to the fridge,
finally he could breathe,
Solace & soothing made him sleep-
to the dream of heaven,from where he had been.

(A poem written at creative writing class of T&P)

Monday, April 03, 2006

Paroxysm - I blurt out!

It stinks at times:
the vulgarity of motives,the politeness of expression,
corruption in heart,the melody in voice,
the fakeness makes me Sick.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Epiphanic frames frozen on memory walls,
an attempt to mint them - in emotions warmth.

Rushy-gushy roads,middle of bazaar
burning bodies honking the horn
clamorous noises emphasizing their existance with aplomb
wrinkles curled,make-up smudged - an alluring neighbour worn,forlorned
bellicose freaks,worthless meeks,fate's helpless pawns - road adorns
a musicless li'e with characters 'fused,belying the innate song.

Amongst jammed traffic,i see a cycle coming free
peddling gracefully in kurta white'n'dastaar,a flowing beard whispering symphony
stealing sun's dayful shine - his grandson sitting on rod,glowing merrily
jocundly chatting,their laughter sings fillingly,glimpses i steal from sunken melancholy
unaware of heats reign,'shahzada' clasping grandy's wrinkled face - time brunted,still retaining the faith lily
Shibboleth of simple Love - wantless,reasonless,contented in just being - living w'holy.