SIKHLIFE: November 2007


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Night in ICU

Death - seems so forgettable
Guru, Gurbani, God - all of 'em.


Bodies flung out in sedative dizz,
helplessly fetter'd
mesh of wires, tubes oozing, curves of life amiss.

A life so fluid, so bare
blood'n'glucose, sustaining a chill stare.

I have never seen life lying, so stark
the pearl encased in plethora masks.

Unblinking she stares me blank
denying me my covering - worldly chaff
making me feel naked, a bit hollow, a bit blank.

Bodies seemed so stony, eyes so distant
they spoke of dreams, of laments, of pain -
amidst silence, room imploded with 'death', every moment.

A lady in ‘er teens, tied in snaky tubes, stung by needles,
unsatisfied by justice of gods,
stealing from her her dreams, her dolls.

(still helplessly the heart pumped -
she day-dreamed of her girlish needs, unspoken quest for her love,
pleasure of her first kiss,
coziness of family, embrace of her man, scolding her unborn children,
forced to awake 'now' by docs round,
smiling at doc - amazed at her own courage'n'stupidity in misleading 'erself)