SIKHLIFE: October 2005


Friday, October 21, 2005


Love !well,I dont know what it is,
fastening beats,sweating brows,whether romantic prose,
dayful dreams,dancing on streets,a chill breeze,a red rose.

A scented letter,trying to look better,an invisible fetter,
sleepless nights,seeing my lover day'n'night,getting at times wetter,
forgetting wrong'n'right,restlessly mad,my mind like feather.

A wet kiss,swaying hips or clenching wrist,
lucid deep eyes,soothing voice,innocent smile,nature like Christ,
Understanding ears,transparent tears,embracing tight.

Love!well,I know what it is,
fastening beads,sweltering goes,and mystical prose,
n'day'n'night,dancing on cactus leaves,thought freezed,everlasting rose.


Oh my heart!You search for friends,
friends with that divine bend.
The one who talk of Satgur only,
for in company else my heart's lonely.

Amany I see with examining eyes,
searching for a heart pure with doubtless light.
Rare are the reared ones - I proclaim atlast,
the thieves five have plundered houses all 'sooner than fast'.

Where are you?Come to me Oh Gurmukh friend,
for my impure breath breathes fire no end.
Pain and anguish I reap on all ships of relation,
In midst of pathless crowd I await(the station).