SIKHLIFE: May 2007


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Disharmony in Punjab

Goodness is a myth, selfishness a virtue
words weak, hearts shallow, values few.

Ambition guides, wayless rides
Clamour wide, loneliness inside.

They rise to clash, heedlessly flash
'self' they impose, fame they catch.

Egos play, game of trade
Sway away, in the name of game..
But in the end, Who wins ?!
When one loses and another sins ?!

(Last stanza contributed by nebula)

One Rainy Day

In silence of after rains,
Intoxication airs earths wet clay,
Seeing children in mud water play,
In midst of melody,was I struck halfway-
Lost!My image in puddle shuddered and stared.

Droplet said unto me in unheard prayer,
Light'ning created me with pureness sheer,
Virginity I lost,with mud I smeared,
ad infinitum pain,in three worlds I fared,
Search thou!this birth yours is much too rare.

Conversation dropped,earth swallowed the drop,
Trembling I went!fearing for my body crop,
Creaking sounds shouted aloud-'Ye'?where to where frog,
Darkness enveloped,listless and lost- afar a faint rainbow sparked,
Enlightened my path and on a serene destiny got my soul embarked!

(Last line contributed by Sikhi Seeker)

Monday, May 07, 2007


An ant crawling along the dunes,
among the deserts from moon to noon,
a day too less a night too long,
running amok,wayless forlorn.